Permanent memorial services/placement of ashes in the columbarium

Permanent Memorial Services Placement Of Ashes In The Columbarium

Permanent memorial service
Permanent memorial service

Monthly memorial services will be held permanently in the main hall (12 times a year or more on a permanent basis)

Permanent memorial service fee

250,000 yen per deceased person

*Memorial services may be held for generations of ancestors in your family. Please designate the date.
*The fee is for memorial services only and does not include the cost of cineration.

Cineration in the memorial tower

Cineration in the memorial tower

The large cinerary tower is for people who do not have heirs, do not have family tombs or have dismantled their family tombs due to various circumstances.

Cinerary fee

Supporters of Zenkoji

100,000 yen per deceased person


300,000 yen per deceased person

*Ashes will be placed in the joint columbarium tower after the memorial service. The fee only covers the cost of cineration and does not include the cost of memorial services. Requests for memorial services for anniversaries are accepted as necessary. Flowers, incense sticks and stupas can be offered. There is no annual management fee for this type of cineration.

Memorial services and funerals

Memorial services and funerals

Memorial services and funerals can be held using the Nenbutsu-do hall of Zenkoji. Memorial services of different scales can be held and meals can be served. Please inquire for additional information. If you are a supporter of Zenkoji, you should certainly consider using Nenbutsu-do.

Zenkoji columbarium

Zenkoji columbarium

There is a three-story columbarium for supporters of Zenkoji located in its precincts. The purchase price starts at 100-odd thousand yen. Please contact the temple for vacancy information.


Please contact the temple for details regarding permanent memorial services, cineration and memorial services.